Church Camp 2024

Directions from Chama to the Campsite

From the intersection of Highway 64 and Highway 17 go 6.7miles north of Chama on Highway 17 look for the sign for “Rancho Del Oso Pardo” on the left side of Highway 17, this is where you want to turn as if you were going to their ranch. Their driveway forks left .02 of a mile from Highway 17, you want to stay right on Forest Road 121/County Rd 445 for the next 6 miles (this is a well maintained gravel road). Follow Forest Road 121/County Rd 445 for about 6 miles through the ranch’s private property.You will be looking for the Rio Grande National Forest Boundary. About .03 of a mile past the sign for the forest boundary you will find the Chama River Camping Area off to your left and down the hill. Take a sharp left and follow the road down to the river and the camping area (the camping area is an open field with a horse corral) at this point look for familiar faces.

Colorado Brothers and Sisters:

You will be driving toward Chama New Mexico on Hwy 17, as soon as you cross over the state line into New Mexico reset your odometer, 3 miles from the state line you will be turning right on Forest Road 121/County Rd 445 this road is also the road that leads to “Rancho Del Oso Pardo ranch from this point follow the directions from above.

Side note: because there is no cell reception in the area I encourage you to do two things load your directions into your map before you leave, and then look everything up on google earth or google maps to study up on where it is that you are going. If you google directions to Rancho Del Oso Pardo in Chama NM, from the turn off of Hwy 17 towards their ranch just follow that same dirt road out for the next 6 miles. 

 Check List:

  • sun screen

  • sunglasses, hat

  • headlamp/flashlight/batteries

  • lanterns

  • any canopies for shade

  • camera

  • first aid kit

  • leatherman/ knife

  • matches /lighter/paper or kindling for fire starter

  • insect repellent, citronella candles for bugs

  • trowel and toilet paper, extra toilet paper

  • utensils( cooking, preparation and eating), cup, plates, etc

  • coffee, mugs, etc.

  • trash bag(s), dish soap-washing basin

  • grill/skillet, spatula, tongs

  • aluminum foil

  • cooking spices/salt/pepper

  • contact cases, saline, glasses and ALL MEDS you will need… 911 calls

  • any toiletries you may need, toothbrush- toothpaste


  • windbreaker

  • pants

  • fleece/warm layers of clothing (could be in the 30’s at night)

  • rain gear

  • polypro socks, tops, bottom

  • gloves,

  • bibles, song books

  • tent, rain tarp

  • sleeping bag, pillow, extra blankets (could be in the 30’s at night)

  • tarp for rain protection

  • broom

  • ground cloth

  • tables, chairs

  • daypacks/camelbacks for day hikers

  • fishing equipment and license (If you are planning on fishing you will need a Colorado Fishing License) there are lakes and rivers to fish in. You can get a 1-3 license online cheap.

  • ear plugs for the snoring crowd

  • snacks

  • water bottles , (extra water for cleaning dishes)

  • food/cooler/ice

  • air mattress/pump

  • outdoor sporting equipment

    • baseball glove/ball, Frisbee, football, horse shoes, guns- targets, mountain bike

    • board games, cards, other games, bow and arrows, volleyball and net

 Feel free to check the REI camping checklist on line or add or delete from this as for you and your family’s needs. (Especially for food ideas)

There will be people coming up Friday and Saturday. If you arrive at night on Friday, you will get help with any set up needs. (we will have some lights)

For people who are riding with others, be courteous and help split the gas costs. 

 For those who will be bringing pets, they will need a leash.  If your pets bark at night, or don’t play nice with others you might need to consider leaving them at home. Bring pet food and water and bags for the yucky stuff. (or a trowel to bury the remains)

 *Jeff and Josh among others will be at the camp site Thursday night if anyone is interested in coming up a day early. Look for Jeff’s grey Toyota FJ Cruiser or Josh’s green Jeep.

 *A friendly reminder that everyone is responsible for their own food (we will have a couple of grills available to use if you need to burn some meat).

 Any Questions contact Jeff Koonce 505-235-4200